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It is with great joy to share this journey, to be a part of this transformative space dedicated to wellness, balance, and inner harmony.

When I started yoga 19 years ago, I did not know the joy and peace that a simple yet powerful practice would make huge changes in my life. Learning yoga along the way with so many yoga teachers has transformed my heart and who I am today. I thank each one of you who somehow took my classes, or we met along the way and for planting the seed in me to continue this journey of mine. Big thank you to my biggest fan my husband and family for believing in me and the encouragement I received daily. Bryan and I want to share with you our new, coming soon, Yoga Om Wellness Studio, 4220 A St SE STE 105, Auburn. A sanctuary for self nurture, growth and healing. Our focus is on enhancing well-being through yoga, meditation and awareness. Don’t let stress, low energy, and physical limitations hold you back. Offering 2 studios, hot yoga studio and room temperature studio, meditation healing room and sauna room. From gentle yoga to advance.

In addition to our regular classes, we will also host workshops, retreats, and events that delve into various aspects of holistic well-being. These offerings will provide opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and connection with like-minded individuals who share a passion for wellness.

Our goal is to create a nurturing and inclusive community where individuals can thrive and find balance in their lives. We believe that through the practice of yoga, we can cultivate not only physical strength and flexibility but also mental clarity and emotional resilience for everyone.

Stay tuned for updates on our official opening date.

Together, let us embark on a journey of self-care, self-discovery, and transformation.

I can’t thank you enough for your support and love. It’s been a long journey and finally I can see the vision that sets in my heart all this time.

With love, Bryan and Ommy




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